Vacation Friends 2 2023

Marcus, Emily, Ron, and Kyla, newlyweds who became friends unexpectedly, regrouped for another vacation that will undoubtedly be as hectic, if not more so, than the previous one. Marcus, on the other hand, is not on vacation in the Caribbean. He’s in town to interview for a new construction job with a prominent Korean hotel company. Everything should go nicely until the meeting is changed, at which point Ron and Kyla will leave. Marcus’ goals are jeopardized, and things only get weirder from there. Reese, Kyla’s father, arrives at the resort with nefarious intentions after being released from San Quentin. The ideal vacation with friends becomes about managing a circus rather than relaxing by the pool. Explore all new movies now at home with MyFlixer.

Genre: 2023ActionAdventureDrama


Duration: 106 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.3