The Machine 2023

Bert was a young college student who, in 1998, was granted permission to visit to Russia with his classmates. He was drawn into the world of gangster Igor, who was being paid to pose as the local chaperone for the Americans. Bert established himself as The Machine, quickly becoming a legend after winning over the gang with his partying ways. During the intoxicated tour, Bert purchased a rare watch on a train ride but promptly forgot about it. Bert is now a middle aged man despised by his wife, and he’s managed to break up with his daughter, Georgia, in the hopes of reconnecting with her with a grandiose Sweet Sixteen birthday party. Bert’s estranged father, Albert, joins the party, and the men are joined by Irina, who demands Bert travel to Russia in order for her to seize leadership of her crime family. Watch flixer movies free online.

Genre: 2023ActionComedy


Duration: 112 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.2