Murder Mystery 2 2023

Nick and Audrey started their own private detective service, but their venture hasn’t been as successful as they had intended. While the couple is balancing the strains of marriage and interpersonal challenges, The Maharaja, their new friend, sends Nick and Audrey an invitation to his magnificent wedding to Frenchwoman Claudette, which is taking place on his exclusive tropical island. The Baroness Sekou, the playboy Francisco, and the sister of the Maharaja welcome the newly wed couple after they arrive in style and try to blend in with the other guests. Security officer Ulenga is reconnected to them as well. After receiving a significant ransom demand, the newlyweds are soon thrown into the centre of a criminal problem. The wedding is abruptly cut short by unrest as Nick witnesses The Maharaja being carried away by armed men. Thereafter, he helps Audrey with her investigation into the assault. Watch movies now on Myflixers in HD.

Genre: 2023ActionComedyCrime

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.7