Nyad 2023

Diana Nyad, a 28-year-old distance swimmer, tried to become the first person to swim from Cuba to Key West in 1978 in an attempt to make history. In the end, the strength test was unsuccessful. At sixty years old, Diana devises a scheme to try again. She recruits her closest friend Bonnie to serve as her coach and prepares for a demanding swim that will take days to complete. Diana starts working on perfecting the swim and eventually gathers a crew of helpers, one of them being navigator John, a seasoned sailor who demands excellent weather for the journey. Diana starts the hike in 2010 and makes multiple tries to finish it, but she gets tired, the weather is bad, and she stumbles across aquatic life. In the end, Diana depends on Bonnie to determine whether to proceed or not. As the years go by, Diana swears she will never forget her greatest error, but the truth of the swim reaches home for her, putting a burden on her body and her relationship with Bonnie. Watch latest films now on MyFlixer.

Genre: 2023BiographyDrama


Duration: 121 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.1