House Party 2023

Although Kevin wants to be a rapper, he has to hold down other jobs in order to support his little daughter. He works for a cleaning company and is trying to take over the party marketing business with his friend Damon. The Young Threats, a group of rivals who aim to crush the competition, are against them. After acting carelessly on their last assignment, Kevin and Damon discover that their most recent task is their final one and gradually realise that they are inside LeBron James’ Los Angeles house. The pals decide to throw a house party at the opulent property and invite James’ closest friends in order to make quick money while the sports star is away for two weeks. Once the celebration starts, things swiftly spiral out of control as Kevin struggles to maintain order among unruly visitors and someone steals an NBA Championship ring from James’ trophy room. Connect with Myflix for watching full HD movies online.

Genre: 2023Comedy

Duration: 100 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.4