Barbie 2023

Barbie lives in a fantasy home surrounded by other Barbies in Barbie Land, where women rule the land and achieve professional and political goals at the expense of Ken and the Kens, who are left with their image and their unfocused masculine energy. The male doll, Ken, is madly in love with Barbie, but he has no idea what to do with her. Barbie is instructed to speak with the knowledgeable Weird Barbie to figure out what’s going on when she starts to think about dying and consequently loses her pointed feet. Barbie’s terrible assignment is to confront the girl who has been mistreating her in the Los Angeles Real World. While he and Barbie travel through the strangeness of Los Angeles together, the male doll learns profound lessons about the allure of the patriarchal existence, which motivates him to restore such control in Barbie Land. Barbie quickly realizes that the guys in charge want to get rid of her when she goes to meet with the CEO of Mattel because her life is currently a jumbled jumble of emotions and doubts. Gloria, Barbie’s human playmate, is helping her to comprehend the difficulties women confront. Watch latest MyFlixer Movies now in HD.

Genre: 2023AdventureComedyFantasy


Duration: 114 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.7