The Covenant 2023

Sergeant John Kinley is fighting increasingly hostile Taliban fighters in Afghanistan during his most recent tour in 2018, and they recently murdered his interpreter in a bombing. After some time, John is given Ahmed as his partner. Ahmed is a quiet but knowledgeable man who is desperate to put an end to the conflict in his nation after it has ruined his life. While Ahmed gathers intelligence, travels to isolated areas with American soldiers, and searches for and destroys Taliban IED sites, John watches from a distance. When the Taliban attack, John is powerless to protect his pals; while hordes of attackers follow them into the bush, he and Ahmed stay alive by relying on one another. Ahmed is adamant about carrying John’s nearly-dead body through the mountains to the next US post after John sustains many wounds. For watching the HD quality movies, just come to Myflixers.

Genre: 2023ActionThriller

Duration: 123 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.1