This Place Rules 2023

On HBO, Andrew Callaghan, who is renowned for his direct reporting and dry humour, examines the underlying factors that led to the Capitol Riot on January 6. One of the most well-known and dedicated journalists of his generation, the 25-year-old sets off on a madcap RV journey across America to get a feel for the tone of a divided nation. In 2020, as COVID rages, protests sweep the nation, and a crucial election looms, Callaghan documents the mayhem in the streets and a variety of opinions with just a camera and a microphone. In order to provide light on the perfect storm that existed in the months before the Capitol attack and to serve as a stark reminder that these forces are still at work, THIS PLACE RULES explores the worlds of political unrest, white supremacist organisations, and conspiracy theorists. Enjoy streaming full HD Myflixer movies now for free.

Genre: 2023CrimeHistory


Duration: 82 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.5