Sound of Freedom 2023

Tim is a Homeland Security agent who investigates child sex trades. Tim achieves a balance between what he has experienced and his own life by embracing Katherine in his family. Tim gets to know Miguel better after he is kidnapped from his father in Honduras by predators posing as idol producers in order to carry out an operation. The toddler and his sister, Rocio, were also targeted. Tim finds out more about Miguel’s past while saving him, as well as his concern for Rocio, who is still missing. Tim makes the decision to go to Columbia in search of the girl, joining forces with Vampiro, a local with firsthand knowledge of the sexual slavery ring and a fierce determination to bring it down in spite of the displeasure of his superior. In an effort to gain their trust and free Rocio, Tim creates a cover story and pursues the group responsible for Miguel’s abduction. Enjoy Myflixer free movies without a subscription.

Genre: 2023ActionBiographyDrama


Duration: 131 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.6