The Royal Hotel 2023

The story centers on Liv and Hanna, two American women who are traveling in Australia until their money runs out. The more audacious Liv persuades Hanna to accept temporary work at The Royal Hotel’s bar, an abandoned establishment that appears out of nowhere. Billy, the bar’s owner, frequently hires young women, almost as an added draw for the rowdy, impolite blue-collar patrons who frequent the establishment. As Hanna and Liv arrive, two British girls are seen going away, one of them threateningly saying, “Just say ‘yes’!” This creates a creepy atmosphere, but the true horrors are the naive behaviors of the local consumers. It’s also important to realize that Green’s representation does not attempt to portray all males as monsters. Watch any movie or show now at home only on Flixer.

Genre: 2023Thriller


Duration: 91 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.1