Migration 2023

Mack, a mallard duck, and his spouse Pam are happy to remain in their pond in the backyard. His fear of the outside world manifests itself in his attempts to scare his kids, Dax and Gwen, by warning them about possible dangers. When a group of migrating ducks stop by the pond, Mack and his family are invited to join them on their journey to Jamaica. Despite the father duck’s objections, Mack is persuaded to take a chance and head south by Dax and Gwen, who are excited to see the outdoors. Uncle Dan accompanies the gang as they soar into the air, relishing the joys of adventure and friendship. On their quest, the party encounters a variety of strange personalities, which quickly causes issues. Mack must show bravery in the face of dangers that are both understandable and incomprehensible, like the wrath of a New York City chef who is determined to keep duck on the menu. Enjoy MyFlix full movie at home.

Genre: 2023ActionAdventureAnimation


Duration: 83 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.9