The Burial 2023

The family firm that Jeremiah and his wife Annette own and operate oversees a selection of funeral homes in Mississippi. Jeremiah has faced financial hardship and legal issues as a result of his obligations from the 1990s. Jeremiah and his attorney Mike agree to a deal with Raymond and his Lowen Group business to sell a few homes in order to make up for their losses. The Canadian offers a fair price because he wants to rule the southern market. Jeremiah and Hal, another legal assistant, have reason to believe Raymond isn’t signing his portion of the contract after several months have passed. Hal proposes speaking with Willie, a highly skilled personal injury lawyer with a Florida office, if you want to bring a claim against the Lowen Group. Despite being perceptive, Willie reluctantly accepts to take the case due to its complexity. Mame, a capable lawyer with the Lowen Group, confronts Willie as soon as he gets in Mississippi for the trial, giving him the legal fight of his life. Enjoy the best Hollywood collection here only on MyFlixer.

Genre: 2023Drama


Duration: 126 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.1