Plane 2023

After being away on business, an airline captain by the name of Brodie is making his way from Singapore to Hawaii to see his family. He is accompanied by a small crew, a few passengers, and Louis, a convict who is being transported to a new location. After settling into what should have been a routine flight over Southeast Asia, Brodie’s plane runs into bad weather, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing that completely wrecks the flight. Brodie makes the decision to ask for help because he has no access to electricity or communication. Louis joins them and is ready to run away if need be. The men are aware that they are on an unruly island where a militia is in charge and that Dele is looking for more prisoners to use in his hostage-taking operation. While Brodie and Louis decide how to handle the island and send a rescue team to gather the survivors, a special ops team led by Scarsdale hunts for the jet. Browse at home, new HD movies and web series only on Myflix.

Duration: 107 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.9