Ferrari 2023

In 1957, ten years into his auto career, Enzo Ferrari finds himself in a challenging situation both personally and financially. Enzo understands that something is wrong with his company and that he must prevail in the next Mille Miglia competition to keep control of it. He is having trouble winning races and expanding the Ferrari brand internationally. In addition, his financial struggles lead him to think about business partners for the first time. Enzo and Laura’s marriage has collapsed due to the death of their only child, Dino, but they are kept together by the Ferrari corporation. Laura is a resilient individual who can manage her spouse’s professional obligations. Enzo tries to hide Piero, his child, from other people. He also has a partner named Lina. However, demand to take up his parenting duties grows. Knowing that the Mille Miglia may be his final race as an individual, Enzo and his Ferrari Team are preparing for it. Demands for racing rise along with internal problems. Watch all new movies here in HD on My Flixer.

Genre: 2023BiographyDramaHistory


Duration: 124 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8