Pain Hustlers 2023

Wells Tower’s book David Yates’ Pain Hustlers, which is based on a true story by Evan Hughes, tells the story of Liza Drake and Pete Brenner. Liza is a stripper by trade. She resides in her older sister Andy’s garage with her mother Jackie and daughter Phoebe. However, when things get out of control because to problems with rent and an arson incident that Phoebe committed, Liza is compelled to move into a real rental home with her daughter. Liza encounters Pete, a glamorized sales representative for Zanna’s pharmaceutical company, at one of her presentations. Pete makes an invitation to Liza to work for him after a lengthy discussion. Despite Zanna’s hiring restriction, Pete persuades Dr. Lydell to recommend the analgesic drug Lonafen and encourages Liza to begin selling it. Camille is a formidable competitor, and they run the possibility of illegally presenting an addictive product as non-addictive. As soon as Lydell gives the go-ahead, all of their lives improve, if only temporarily. Enjoy MyFlixer full HD movies now with your friends.

Genre: 2023CrimeDrama


Duration: 122 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4