The Pale Blue Eye 2023

Landor, an ex-New York police officer who is now widowed and living in the woods, longs for his daughter to return. Leroy Fry, a teenage cadet, was found dead with his heart cut from his body and a rope around his neck. West Point Academy officials drag him out of his despair and bring him to the academy to investigate the death. Landor takes the case and sets up a meeting with Dr. Marquis, a doctor who has straightforward solutions for complex issues. Landor notices Edgar Allan Poe, a young man drawn to the case who offers his assistance with the investigation while interrogating the cadets and gathering information. Poe aspires to become an insider for Landor by joining a student secret group. As a result of his growing affection for the doctor’s son Artemus and his longing for the doctor’s daughter Lea, the investigator learns details about the death that seem not to be entirely true. Enjoy streaming of latest film from Hollywood now with My flixer.

Genre: 2023CrimeHorrorMystery

Duration: 128 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.7