The Retirement Plan 2023

While attempting to escape with his wife Ashley and their daughter Sarah, 11 years old, Jimmy develops a close relationship with gangster Donny. Jimmy gives Ashley a flash drive after realizing that things won’t go as planned. As soon as Ashley offers Sarah the automobile, she immediately boards a plane for the Cayman Islands to search for her grandfather Matt, who Ashley informs her is no longer alive. The appearance of Sarah, who makes her way to a beachgoer in his sixties named Matt, surprises him. In an effort to protect the child, Matt remembers his days as a government assassin and learns more about the flash drive and Ashley’s situation when Donny chooses to keep sending goons, including Bobo, to find the information. Ashley soon joins Matt as he makes an effort to restore the life he gave up while working and also gets rid of all of Donny’s enforcers. Watch the latest collection by MyFlixer movies.

Genre: 2023ActionComedyCrime


Duration: 103 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.1