Old Henry 2021

The movie story takes place in 1906. There is a man named Henry. He is a middle-aged man who owns a remote farm. At his disposal are vast territories, which he has been preserving for many years. Some years back, Henry buried his wife and now he is trying to teach all his knowledge to his son and son-in-law. Because Henry realizing that he has not much time left.
One day when they were for a simple inspection of the territory. The young guy finds a horse without a rider. Having studied the surroundings, he manages to find a wounded man with a weapon, in which there is a whole bag of money. He brings his find to the farm, putting his father in front of a very difficult choice. He still does not know which side to take, and even more so he does not expect a meeting with a ghost from his past. Watch Free Movie online on myflixer to website with zero ads.

Genre: 2021

Duration: 99 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.4