The Matrix Resurrections 2021

Thomas Anderson is a game designer who lives in San Francisco. He is well known as the maker of The Matrix and its two sequels, taking players on a wild ride of the real world. Nowadays, he’s managing depression, working with The Analyst to understand flashes of recollections he can’t clarify, which motivated failed tries at superhuman accomplishments. His obsessions are being charged up by the coffee shop run-ins along with Tiffany who is a lady he feels close to but can’t exactly sort out why. Feeling like he’s going crazy, Thomas is hit with an alarming circumstance of psychological health when Morpheus confronts him. Morpheus offers him a red pill to assist breaking of the choke hold of a simulated reality. Sooner Bugs joins him. Bugs is a hero from Zion hoping to bring Neo back to life to thwart a new challenge to the Matrix. Stream popular English blockbusters now for free on MyFlixer.

Genre: 2021ActionSci-Fi

Duration: 2h 28min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.7