Army of Thieves 2021

Carrying on with a dull life as a lonely banker, Ludwig holds a deep love for safecracking, sharpening his abilities, attempting to share his knowledge on a YouTube page where no one visits. Unexpectedly, he’s reached by Gwendoline who’s assembled a group of thugs with muscle Brad, logistics master Korina, and escape driver Rolph. She wants a specialist to assist crack three safes situated around Europe, each made by mastermind Hans Wagner, utilizing his genius to honor the Ring Cycle, by German composer Richard Wagner. Demonstrating his value to Gwendoline, Ludwig joins the group, eager to get his hands on the most renowned and uncrackable safes ever. While the unit figures out how to manage each other, and Ludwig grows nearer to Gwendoline, French Interpol specialist Delacroix is looking to prevent the group from finishing their crime spree. Watch New Blockbusters only on MyFlixer with no ad disturbances.

Genre: 2021ActionComedyCrime

Duration: 2h 7min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4