No One Will Save You 2023

Brynn, a young woman who recently lost her mother and now possesses the family’s land, lives alone in the little community of Mill River and has no desire to socialize with the neighbors. She appears to be an introvert who carries out her everyday tasks as a dressmaker while writing letters to her buddy Maude. Brynn is startled awake by a loud bang in the middle of the night and quickly realizes that something has broken into her home and is hiding in the shadows. Brynn makes her way through the house before she eventually discovers the intruder, an extraterrestrial who is searching the area for information while she is terrified and interested. Brynn inadvertently interacts with the creature while trying to flee and causes a scene. When Brynn travels to Mill River in search of assistance, she runs into folks who don’t want her there. Additionally, she is caught between those she has offended and aliens attempting to take her. Enjoy My Flixer new movie now online at home.

Genre: 2023HorrorSci-FiThriller


Duration: 93 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.5