Oppenheimer 2023

After demonstrating his prowess as a theoretical physicist in 1942, when World War II started to take shape, J. Robert Oppenheimer obtained access to the American war machine. The executive branch gave him permission to start developing an atomic weapon. Oppenheimer struggled to put together his team during these trying years, putting up with dysfunctional geniuses with the assistance of Lewis Strauss, a member of the Atomic Energy Commission. Oppenheimer married Kitty, but his major priority was building the Trinity Site and bringing scientists and military professionals there to create a functional bomb. Oppenheimer also continued his relationship with Jean as a bothersome girlfriend. Oppenheimer and his team constructed a powerful weapon over the course of three years, but such military skill comes at a cost of treachery because those in command of the country refused to give Oppenheimer a say in the development of the bomb. Stream full length MyFlix movies at home.

Genre: 2023BiographyDramaHistory


Duration: 180 min

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IMDb: 9.0