A Million Miles Away 2023

As a young youngster, Jose dealt with the hardships of being a migrant farmer while helping his family in the fields of California. In an effort to provide a good example for his son, Salvador gave him the ingredients of life that lead to success. Jose, a talented student who struggled to adapt to his family’s relocation and new circumstances, eventually found his roots and got matured, which led to his work at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab in the 1980s. Jose overcame challenges at work by moving up the ranks and marrying Adela, who shared his desire to become an astronaut. Jose makes the decision to polish his skills and position himself as a viable candidate after being turned down by NASA on multiple occasions. Jose remains committed to fulfilling his childhood dream of traveling into space, despite the passing of time and the growth of his family. Watch MyFlixer new collection now on any device.

Genre: 2023Drama


Duration: 121 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.5