No Hard Feelings 2023

Maddie, who lives in Montauk, want to relocate closer to her family, but her car has been repossessed, leaving her jobless and deeply in debt. In an attempt to make sense of her chaotic life as a 32-year-old woman, Maddie comes across an unexpected opportunity with an internet ad about parents providing a free automobile in exchange for helping their son come out of his shell, preferably through sex. Maddie takes advantage of the chance to meet Allison and Laird, who tell her about their 19-year-old son, Percy. Maddie decides to seduce him because he is preparing to start college at Princeton University and has to get out of his room and phone. He’s far more misaligned than expected, and he’s wary of succumbing to the odd woman’s constant temptations as they get to know one other throughout the summer. Watch similar movies now only on Myflixer.

Genre: 2023Comedy


Duration: 103 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8