EXmas 2023

Ali and Graham ended their long relationship, which was heading towards marriage. Ali is now in a state of uncertainty, focusing on her baking dreams to distract herself from the heartbreak. On the other hand, Graham, an overworked video game designer, finds himself stuck in Los Angeles during Christmas due to a tight deadline. Struggling with a lack of creativity, he decides to visit his family in Minnesota, hoping for a warm reception from his parents, Dennis and Jeannie, as well as his siblings, Mindy and Elliot. However, to his surprise, he discovers that his loved ones have already invited Ali to spend Christmas with them, still considering her a part of the family. This unexpected turn of events forces Graham to confront his worst fear and come up with a secret plan to make Ali appear terrible in order to break her bond with his family. However, Ali catches onto his scheme and turns it into a challenge, with both of them attempting to sabotage each other’s visit and causing chaos during the holiday season. In the process, they gradually come to terms with the mistakes they made in the past. Check out MyFlixer 2023 movie collection.

Genre: 2023Comedy


Duration: 93 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.7