Hypnotic 2023

Detective Danny in Austin, Texas, is grieving the loss of his daughter Minnie, who vanished without a trace from a nearby park. Danny’s life and marriage have been wrecked by the situation, but he remains dedicated to his career and has been assigned to investigate a specific crime at a small bank. Dellrayne uses coercion to get his way, then disappears and leaves a picture implying he knows where Minnie is. Danny turns to Diana, a psychic destiny teller who is also intimately familiar with the problem, because he is desperate for answers. Diana cautions educated individuals who have the power to alter reality to benefit the defenceless that Dellrayne is a perverse hypnotic. Diana is a hypnotist as well, but she keeps her abilities a secret. Diana consents to help Danny in his search for his child despite the fact that he is against a tough adversary. Find all new Hollywood movies here only on MyFlixer and watch them in full HD quality.

Genre: 2023ActionMysteryThriller


Duration: 93 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.5