The Pope’s Exorcist 2023

The film is based on Father Gabriele Amorth’s life and publications as the Vatican’s senior exorcist in the 1980s. If The Pope’s Exorcist is to blame for anything, it’s that, although being based on a true story, it’s clearly influenced by other horror movies. It’s almost like playing a game of “name what movie or show they stole that from,” and it’s considerably more entertaining than the film itself. It borrows from 2010s haunted house stories, has a 1980s setting and possessed children right out of Stranger Things, and weaponizes religion to inspire horror and dread in the audience, ala Drag Me to Hell. Enjoy streaming of the best movies from Hollywood now only on Myflix in 4k.

Genre: 2023HorrorThriller

Duration: 103 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.3