One Shot 2021

While heading to visit “Dark Island,” a prisoner camp for suspected fear based oppressors, Navy SEAL Jake (Scott Adkins) and his group are joined by CIA examiner Zoe (Ashley Greene), who’s apparently anxious with regards to the outing. She’s there to meet with Amin (Waleed Elgadi), a man associated to getting sorted out the creation with a grimy bomb. He denies the allegation, however has endured a very long time of torment, supervised by Jack (Ryan Phillippe), who’s become annoyed with the prisoners and their reluctance to collaborate. Attempting to foster an association with Amin, Zoe works cautiously with the injured man, yet her endeavors are hindered by the appearance of Hakim (Jess Liaudin) and his military, who storm the entryways and start murdering guards and staff, attempting to locate Amin. Left all alone, Jake and the SEALs gear up for a battle, confronting waves of Hakim’s men. Watch Full length English films securely on myflixer safe at your home.

Genre: 2021ActionThriller

Duration: 1h 36min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.6