A Boy Called Christmas 2021

Brought in to look after children, Aunt Ruth is prepared to wow young Andrea, Patrick and Moppet with a tale about Christmas, trying to get their minds off the loss of their mom. The story follows Nikolas, a kid who lives in Finland with his dad, woodcutter Joel. Motherless Nikolas attempts to recall love memories but he is disturbed by a request from the King, who’s searching for hope during dark times. Joel and extra men from the town choose to track down Elfhelm, a magical spot, leaving Nikolas to take care of his cruel Aunt Carlotta . Anxious to find Elfhelm himself, Nikolas sets out on a long excursion utilizing a special map, joined by mouse pal Miika and reindeer help Blitzen, with the threesome soon confronted by a secret land that is not kind to humans. Stream unlimited movies free online on My flixer in Full HD video quality.

Duration: 1h 46min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8