Fist and Furious 2019

News gathering, missing people, medications, escapes and vengeance. A previous fierce analyst with a blade in his mind and a tricky materialistic VJ team up! Independent VJ Gook Hyeon is a North Korean deserter who is searching for news when he runs over Ki Man, a previous criminologist who lives with a blade latched onto his subconscious mind. Ki Man is living off pieces until Gook Hyeon persuades him he would enable him to seek retribution on Jeong Tae Hwa, a medication horde manager who slaughtered his accomplice. While they track down Jeong Tae Hwa, they meet Seol Lan, who is searching for her missing sister, Song Hwa, who is Jeong Tae Hwa’s special lady. Each of them three head to a left island in the South.

Duration: 1h 30min

Quality: HD+BD

IMDb: 3.5