Feng zhong you duo yu zuo de yun 2019

Watch all 2019 released movies like Feng zhong you duo yu zuo de yun on myflixer free. Director of the Urban Construction Committee Tang Yijie (Zhang Songwen) died at the site of the mobilization of the nail household. The young police officer Yang Jiadong (Jing Bairan) was responsible for investigating the case, so he met Tang Yijie’s wife Lin Hui (Song Jia) and his daughter Tang Xiaonuo (Ma Sichun) Decoration). Through Tang Xiaonuo, Yang Jiadong learned that the relationship between Tang Yijie and Lin Hui was not harmonious. Not only that, Lin Hui also had schizophrenia. Tang Yijie had a close relationship with the head of Zijin Enterprise, Jiang Zicheng (Qin Hao), and Lin Hui was also Jiang Zicheng’s girlfriend. In addition, Jiang Zicheng’s partner Lian Ayun (Chen Yanxi) has been missing, all this. Both have an inseparable relationship with the Tang Yijie family. Under Lin Hui’s and Jiang Zicheng’s calculations, Yang Jiadong not only lost his name but was also charged with murder for help but fled to Hong Kong, but his pursuit of the killer did not stop. Here you can enjoy latest released myflixer 2019 movies in hd+bd quality free of cost.

Genre: 2019CrimeDramaMystery

Duration: 125 min

IMDb: 6.6