X-Men: Black Phoenix 2019

The film’s plot revolves around Qin Gree, one of the most popular members of the X-Men, telling her story of a gradual transformation into a black phoenix. In a life-threatening space rescue operation, the piano was hit by the mysterious cosmic force and became the most powerful mutant. After that, Qin Gree must not only try to control the growing and extremely unstable forces, but also fight against the inner demons. Her out of control caused the entire X-Men family to fall apart, and the whole planet was in danger of being destroyed. “X-Men: Black Phoenix” is the most intense and emotionally rich “X-Men” movie to date. It is a collection of “X-Men” series in the past 20 years. Everyone is very familiar and loves the variant. The family is about to face the most powerful enemy – and she is just one of them.

Duration: 113 min

Quality: HD+BD

IMDb: 5.8