Prey 2022

Amber Midthunder plays Naru, a member of the Comanche tribe who struggles to fit in and is pressured into domestic work despite her desire to be a warrior like Taabe in 1719. With the help of her devoted dog Sarii, Naru attempts to complete a significant rite of passage. She hopes to gain respect by going on a solo hunt and bringing back proof of her bravery. The appearance of an extraterrestrial hunter who is roaming the land in quest of large prey and also wanting to receive rewards from its hunt interferes with their preparations. When Naru spots signs of violence, she starts to realize that something is wrong around her. However, Taabe and others’ attempts to shield her from harm when the entire tribe is actually in severe danger complicate her determination to take control of her fate. We let you watch the high quality Myflixer Ru movies at home.

Duration: 99 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.2