Troll 2022

At Norway’s Dovie Mountain, workers are chiselling their way through granite to build a train tunnel. A troll is let wild during this activity and will try to annihilate everyone who stands in its way. Palaeontologist Nora is brought in to help the government understand what is going on as they struggle to make sense of this monstrous activity. She recognises a troll’s work right away. Since Tobias has lived his entire life immersed in the world of folklore and fairy tales, causing him to become estranged from his family and society, Nora makes the decision to find him. Nora joins forces with military commander Kris and the aide to the prime minister Andreas. Nora and the gang are inspired to find a peaceful way to contain the monster as it approaches Oslo. Tobias has some suggestions for managing troll behavior, but the government is short on time. Enjoy new myflixer movie now at home.

Duration: 101 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.9