The Adam Project 2022

Adam is a child missing his dad, Louis who passed away some time ago. Left with his mom, Ellie, Adam is experiencing difficulty handling his aggravation, taking his annoyance out on school menaces and his exhausted parent who’s additionally managing a significant misfortune. While Ellie is away one evening, Adam is visited by Adam, his more established self from the year 2050 who has returned to manage potential issues brought up by the terrible Sorian who’s close behind with her band of mechanical fighters. At first uncertain how to respond to this appearance, youth Adam before long maneuvered into the perilous circumstance by old Adam with the pair figuring out how to live with one another as they set out on pursues and stay away from Sorian’s military, attempting to advance toward 2018 in old Adam’s time fly, chasing after a method for fixing the world again after all the difficulty time travel has caused. Enjoy myflixer Latest Movies in full HD video quality.

Duration: 106 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.0