Halloween Ends 2022

In the year 2019, Corey is a young guy assigned to watch a spoiled child on Halloween. The situation becomes frustrating when the boy locks Corey in a room, forces the adult to smash through the door without realising the youngster is standing behind it, and then stands back and watches as Corey dies from the floor. In 2022, Laurie is working through her interactions with serial killer Michael Myers by penning a book in an effort to find some emotional closure while she rebuilds her relationship with her lonely granddaughter Allyson. After seeing how cruelly the Haddonfield bullies treated Corey, Laurie decides to play matchmaker by introducing him to Allyson. Get online free streaming access of new movies and TV shows online on My Flixer.

Duration: 111 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.0