Detective Knight: Independence 2023

While his partner, Ally, encounters constant hostility from the public and law enforcement, Dezi, an EMT, struggles to make ends meet. After a violent bank heist, Dezi realises the dreadful truth of the world for the first time; yet, he is now left with very little despite having once dreamed of becoming a police officer. Dezi decides to live life to the fullest after being let off from his work. In an effort to rob a bank and generate money for his father’s youth centre, which recently lost funding, he takes a police uniform and badge and hits the streets. As Dezi plays with his newfound power, Detective Knight, who is estranged from his now-adult daughter, adjusts to it. He quickly joins forces with Fitzgerald to find the ferocious renegade EMT who is living the American Dream. Enjoy the HD movies now securely on Myflixer Safe.

Duration: 91 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.4