Evil Dead Rise 2023

Roadie Beth just found out she’s pregnant. While on vacation, Beth decides to visit her tattoo artist sister Ellie, who resides with her kids, young Kassie, Bridget, and Danny. During a family reunion, a structure that is about to be demolished trembles. The foundation breaks as a result of the seismic, exposing the building’s past. Danny makes the decision to look around and finds a fantastic book and several connected documents, which he brings back to his room. When Danny explores his discovery, he realises that it is the Book of the Dead, and the audio narrates the horrors contained within, including a unique incantation. When evil takes over the apartment complex, Ellie is the first victim. She becomes a demonised being, ready to slaughter everyone and spread evil like a plague. Enjoy movies now in HD with Myflix.

Genre: 2023Horror

Duration: 97 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.5