The Devil Conspiracy 2023

Lucifer was killed long ago by the archangel Michael, who then imprisoned him to a place in Hell using his magic sword. Art historian Laura is currently in Italy and touring a museum where the Shroud of Turin is on display. Father Marconi is her contact. When Liz, a strong member of a Satanic group, takes the Shroud, kidnaps Laura, and leaves Father Marconi for dead, she disturbs the peace of the day. Dr. Laurent, who has prior expertise utilising DNA magic and uncooperative women to bring back great historical figures, receives the things from Liz after she has transported the researcher and the Shroud to a faraway stronghold that is over a passage to Hell. His most recent plan asks for a recently perverted Jesus to rise from the dead. Father Marconi prays to the skies and receives the spiritual power of Michael, who soon takes on the form of a warrior and starts hunting for Lucifer in order to save Laura as she battles against being pregnant. Watch movies now at home online on Myflixer website.

Genre: 2023HorrorThriller


Duration: 111 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.7