Chupa 2023

In 1996, middle schooler Alex in Kansas City tries to conceal his heritage while bullies are giving him trouble. He has offered to travel to San Javier, Mexico, where he will be reunited with his grandfather Chava, an ex-luchador who is presently recuperating from a head injury that forced him to retire, for a brief visit while his mother is away. Once Alex settles into Chava’s home, Memo and Luna make friends with him, and the young kids are delighted to have the American in their household. While he tries to adjust to his new environment, Alex encounters the baby Chupacabra, also known to kids as Chupa. When Alex, Memo, and Luna attempt to connect with and converse with Chupa, they discover that Quinn, a U.S. government tracker looking for the mother Chupacabra and her youngster in order to bring the creatures home for study, poses a significant threat. Enjoy best rated movies now on your smartphone with Myflix.

Genre: 2023ActionAdventureDrama

Duration: 95 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.6