Joy Ride 2023

A lawyer named Audrey has known Lolo for a very long time and is worried about her anatomical artwork. As Lolo gets ready to reunite with Kat, a well-known actress, after being awarded a job as a partner at Audrey’s firm, Audrey is sent to China to conclude a commercial agreement with Chao. K-Pop enthusiast Deadeye travels with the three to conduct business and explore the nation. Audrey is forced to confront her origins as an adopted child when Chao exposes how important family is to him, and she chooses to hunt for her true mother in China in order to win over her client. On their journey, the travelers experience a variety of problems, including unusual characters, legal issues, and sexual opportunities. During the trek, Audrey and Lolo’s friendship is also put to the test. Get ready for enjoying free movies on Myflix.

Genre: 2023Comedy


Duration: 95 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.0