Sympathy for the Devil 2023

The driver has left his infant with a babysitter and is now on his route to a hospital in Las Vegas where his wife is giving birth to a baby. Although the driver is concerned about what is happening, he is also ready to assist his wife. The Driver is ready to enter the hospital when The Passenger, a red-haired man with a weapon, pulls up and takes a seat in the back of the car, requesting for a ride out of the establishment. The Driver is subjected to a psychological and physical attack as The Passenger commands him to follow him out of the city and forces him to reveal his involvement in organized crime. As the boys go to an unnamed location, the passenger tries to make the driver’s journey unpleasant. As violent outbursts occur and the driver’s passenger is cut off from his wife, he attempts to maintain control of the situation. Enjoy HD myFlixer movies at home.

Genre: 2023ActionThriller


Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.6