The Equalizer 3 2023

After being shot in the back while cleaning house at a weird winery in Sicily, Robert is discovered and sent to the little village of Altamonte for medical treatment. He’s been resurrected and is being permitted to rehabilitate in society, slowly enjoying simple pleasures and meeting pleasant people as he heals. As he gets to know the locals, who are struggling to understand the strange ways of the American, Robert becomes entangled in their problems, including the weekly arrival of Marco, a gang enforcer who collects money from businesses with his thugs and has little sympathy for those who cannot pay. Robert, unable to bear the pain, opposes Marco’s authority, attracting the notice of the punk’s older brother, Vincent, the boss of the Camorra, an organized crime family. Emma, a C.I.A. agent sent by the mystery man to solve a drug-related situation in Syria and determined to find out who Robert is, is also fascinated with the American. Stream high quality movies only on MyFlix at home.

Genre: 2023ActionCrimeThriller


Duration: 109 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.1