The Secret Kingdom 2023

Peter’s parents move the family to a vacation home when financial difficulties arise, but he is going through a lot and has significant anxiety issues. Peter and his sister Verity are on their way to a place of business when a mysterious woman gives Peter a magnificent gold puzzle piece. In the Below, where pangolin warriors live and revere the kid as their future king or queen while being unaware of the significance of the gift, Peter and Verity are expelled from the Above and placed. In an effort to soothe Peter’s anxieties and help fulfil a long-forgotten prophecy that will unify the two realms, the tribe’s elder gives Peter a duty. Peter discovers more about the origins of his ongoing uneasiness as the children embark on a dangerous adventure where they come across unusual animals and challenging riddles. No joining fees for watching movies here on MyFlixer 2023.

Genre: 2023AdventureFamily


Duration: 98 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.8