Dream Scenario 2023

Paul Matthews, a disinterested family man and esteemed professor, possesses a deep fascination for evolutionary biology and harbors a constant unease about his own insignificance. Unexpectedly, he stumbles upon a startling revelation – he is now appearing in the dreams of others at an astonishingly rapid pace. In these dreams, Paul’s presence is unremarkable and unobtrusive; he simply exists, gazing apathetically at the fantasies and nightmares of strangers. Nevertheless, this newfound phenomenon propels him into overnight stardom, finally granting him the attention he has long yearned for. However, when Paul encounters a dreamer whose visions of him deviate significantly from the norm, he is confronted with the daunting dilemma of fame. As his dream personas inexplicably transform into violent entities within their respective subconscious realms, Paul finds himself entangled in a Faustian pact, grappling with the consequences of his newfound notoriety. Enjoy full HD English high quality movies on MyFlixer.to.

Genre: 2023ComedyHorror


Duration: 102 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.3