Encanto 2021

Many years ago, Abuela Alma was widowed by a furious community in South America. She was left with three children. Her love for her husband set off a unique magic held inside a eternal flame. This spread to the production of a secret town where she could raise her family encircled by loved ones. After two generations, Mirabel is a youngster attempting to stay aware of local people. This is because everybody is endowed with an ability that makes them exceptional, including her sisters, with super-solid Luisa and Isabela, who can make flowers bloom, enjoying their capabilities. Such magic skipped Mirabel, left to wonder precisely why she’s been forgotten. She feels separated from others despite her attempts to participate. If you are a movie lover then check out some new films and TV shows only on MyFlixer Safe and watch them in HD.

Genre: 2021AnimationComedyDrama

Duration: 1h 42min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.6