No Time to Die 2021

Bond has now left his dynamic service and is enjoying a peaceful life in Jamaica. His tranquility is briefed when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA requests help. The mission to safeguard a grabbed researcher ends up being more deceptive than anticipated, driving Bond onto the path of a strange villain outfitted with hazardous new innovation. Another M.I.6 operative, Nomi now bears Bond’s former number, 007—to convince Bond of the urgency of the mission, and he participates in. It appears like Blofeld, Bond’s longtime nemesis and Blofeld’s dastardly organization Spectre is behind the kidnapping. But, invading a Spectre gathering in Cuba, Bond and Nomi note the association of another evil genius, Lyutsifer Safin, and the mission is now focusing on him along with Obruchev. Watch English movies in HD on My flixer for free.

Duration: 2h 43min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.5