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The story of the series takes place in a town where it is difficult to meet someone who would not know about the abnormal family. All of the neighbours tried to avoid their house so as not to offend Gomez and his wife. The couple raised several children together, but Wednesday has always been their favourite. Many thought the charming little girl was a real fiend, despite her parents’ claims that she was their miracle. They sent the girl to Nevermore Academy to study. The institution is located in New England’s outback and conceals many secrets that a new student must reveal. Wednesday has supernatural powers. Controlling a massive force is extremely difficult for her. Learning to control herself became her main goal, and the teachers promised to help deal with the shadow side. At the same time, terrible things start happening in town. What occurred becomes fodder for gossip. A young magician investigates and discovers some of her parents’ secrets, who brought them together twenty-five years ago. 4K and HD resolutions are completely free. Enjoy new movies now on MyFlixer for free.

Genre: 2022 MoviesComedyCrimeFamily


Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.4