Paranormal Activity Next of Kin 2021

Margot is a resident of Arizona who is curious to know more about her biological family after she gets deserted by her mother, Sarah. Cameraman Chris joins her as she elects to make a documentary about her pursuit of identity. She connects with Samuel, who left his Amish family, returning to Buffalo, New York to help Margot in finding her history. Soundman Dale is employed for the adventure, with all three entering Amish country, joining Jacob who is the patriarch of the community. They are offered a room, then the crew attempts to capture the people and culture of the area, while Margot tries to understand what happened to Sarah who is exploring the house on her own. As the forbidden areas are accessed, an unidentified monster is encountered, which keeps Margot on edge as she continues her target to expose the reality. Get the Best Movie Collection Online On Myflixer 2021 with zero charges.

Duration: 1h 38min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.3