House of Gucci 2022

The story tells about late 1970s where Patrizia is the girl of a shipping organization’s proprietor who sees a special chance to change her life when she meets Maurizio at a party. She ensures that the man with Gucci family name recollects her. As they start dating, Maurizio shares his interest in law school, attempting to stay away from the family work. His father Rodolfo and uncle Aldo have been administering the fashion empire from many years. When Maurizio weds Patrizia, Rodolfo denies his child passing on the young fellow to a joyful life as a blue-collar man. This conflicts his new wife pushing her life partner to reemerge the business of Gucci. Ultimately Maurizio assumes a few responsibilities of the organization when his dad died. Enjoy the high quality English films on Myflixer Safe.

Duration: 2h 38 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.9